Terms of Service


The Client: You, Your, The company or individual requesting or currently using the services of Go Green Domains.

Go Green Domains: We, Us, Our, Go Green Domains PTY LTD, network and employees or affiliates.


Go Green Domains will carry out work only where an agreement is provided either by email or mail. An ‘order’ is deemed to be a written contract between Go Green Domains and the client, this includes email agreements.

Hosting setup

It is your responsibility to ensure that any applied hosting package application is completed and activated ready for full use. Quoted times for account activation or supply are estimates and we do not guarantee or imply activation or supply within the quoted time frame. We may delay or refuse activation or supply if:


If any payment due from the client to Go Green Domains is not received by the due date, Go Green Domains gives a 7 day grace period, after this date your account will be suspended until payment or a payment arrangement has been approved and received. If you have multiple services under your account and any invoice is overdue, we have the right to suspend and or terminate all services within your account regardless or other service payments being up to date or paid in advance held under the account.

Suspension and termination

We reserve the right to suspend/terminate any/all services, including domain names if:

Once a suspension/termination has been put in place, we will not activate the account again until payment or a payment arrangement has been approved and received. Your website, emails and any functionality of your account becomes an issue to the point it is no longer in our best interest to keep the website on as an account.

Acceptable use policy

It is your responsibility at all times to: