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WordPress or Linux Hosting | Which Works Best For Your Biz?

WordPress or Linux Hosting | Which Works Best For Your Biz? | There are different types of hosting services out there | and a lot of them. It can be quite nerve-wracking what to choose, right? And one comparison that is most talked about is between WordPress Hosting and Linux Hosting. That’s because they’re two of the most popular web hosting services.

Wondering which is the most ideal for your business? Learn more about WordPress and Linux Hosting and their differences.

WordPress or Linux Hosting - Which Works Best For Your Biz?

Comparison Between WordPress and Linux Hosting

WordPress HostingLinux Hosting
can be slow unless utilising Paid optimized service. You have to buy a plan according to your needs.As Linux is an open-source system, you don’t need to pay any additional license fee.
WP uses cloud-based hosting. So, it provides tremendous speed. It also has a comparable speed. 
It is reliable and ideal for sensitive data and financial transactions. It’s secure enough for sensitive information and online purchasing.
Supports PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Linux supports PHP, Ruby, Perl, and Python.
WP management services for the website come at additional costs with hosting. You need to spend an amount monthly for website maintenance services.

The Advantages of WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is ideal for WordPress websites because it provides superb performance and numerous WordPress management features.

You can easily maintain your website without the allocation of extra resources which isn’t the case with other web hosting services.

  • Pre-installed: WordPress is pre-installed when you get WordPress hosting which enables the developers to easily configure, design, and maintain your website. This makes the development fast and without any compatibility issues.
  • Performance: WordPress hosting ensures the compatibility of the hardware, software and firmware to run the software smoothly, minimizing any chances of a software crash.
  • Cloud-based hosting: The key to high-performing WordPress hosting is its cloud-based nature. Because it offers scalability and high reliability, which minimise errors.
  • Security and backup: WordPress hosting offers premium security and backup tools for your website.
  • Managed services: Another useful feature of WordPress hosting is the inclusion of managed services. Your WP hosting organisation takes over the tasks of maintaining, updating, and optimising your website and database.

The Pros of Linux Hosting

Linux is another popular web hosting service among website owners. Let’s discuss various features of Linux hosting which is often known as shared hosting because multiple website owners can share one domain space.


  • Open Source:  Linux hosting is an open-source system which means that the resources, tools and software programs are free. This is perfect for those who aren’t ready to spend much for a website launch.
  • Security: Security is quite satisfactory, and you can customise the security settings for your website.
  • Cost: As it is an open-source system, you don’t need to pay any licensing fee. You may need to deal with some application installations based on a monthly fee.
  • Supports various scripts: There are lots of scripts and applications compatible with Linux, including PHP, Perl, Ruby, and Python.

Choose the Right Hosting for Your Website

In a nutshell, you’ve already got a clear idea about the significant features of both WordPress and Linux Hosting.

The choice is all up to you. But always remember to keep the purpose of your website in mind. Linux is better if you aim to promote your business through the website. But for selling services, reliable WordPress hosting is a better option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Linux better for server hosting?

A: Linux is well-known for its compatibility with various hardware and software platforms. This makes it ideal for server use, as it can be deployed in almost any environment. It’s also possible to install Linux on multiple hardware types, from laptops to the latest servers.

Q. Can I install WordPress on Linux hosting?

A: Under Web Hosting, next to the Linux Hosting account you want to use, select Manage. In the account Dashboard, in the Websites section, below the domain where you want to install WordPress select Install Application. This will take you to the Installatron Applications Browser page.


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